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"The Rooftop Guide has given us many exposure opportunities to sharing the latest news to customers."
Alleen Wu
Director of Marketing Communications | The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai

Reach travel-interested epicureans all over the world is mostly visited by travel-interested epicureans who are willing to pay to get that luxurious touch on their experiences. They travel several times a year, especially to larger cities and attaches importance on flights, accommodation and dining before and during travels.

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With a large following and solid reputation, The Rooftop Guide is appriciated by both visitors and search engines. Be both top of mind, and top of the Google-listings.

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As a stand-alone company, we are highly flexible to find custom solutions and showcase what you want to promote.


Top placements

As the world's largets platform about rooftops, The Rooftop Guide is a trusted source for information.

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The Rooftop Guide reaches a large audience worldwide. The majority live in larger cities, with travel, accommodation, dining and shopping major interests. They are between 25-44 years old

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With being the world's largest website about rooftops, our Instagram account @the_rooftopguide also has over 160k followers worldwide.

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We produce all content in-house, and we are higly flexible to find custom solutions and showcase what you want to promote.